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My last escort had a 13 inch dick and it hurt me so bad I thought I couldn't take the pain anymore. What can I do to get it not to hurt so bad? After we made love I walked funny for 4-6 days but I know I'm addicted now and could never live without another big dick escort.

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Big Dick Escorts

An adverage dick size is 5 inches anyone that says 9 inches is adverage is a moron good luck finding alot of people that are larger than that. and yes its normal for that to hurt i mean 9 inches good god your manvagal passage is nowhere near that long. try having sex on top it allows u to control the depth. and if he insists you take him all in then thats just evil.
PS also may be a lot of fun... lol


13" is really long! Your body should be able to adapt to the thickness without much problem but if he's putting it in real deep then its hitting stuff that isnt meant to be hit! Stop him from going too deep and sex should become pleasurable. Try placing a pillow between yourselves to restrict the penetration. Or even a couple pillows. Or have him wrap his hand around the base to prevent from going too deep. Figure out your limits and dont let him go beyond that. Put it in real slow and stop him when it starts to hurt. Thats your limit. He shouldn't mind, most sensation is in the first couple inches of the penis anyways. Always start out slowly to let your body adjust..

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